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Appendix 7.3: Reengaging Girls

The end of the troop year doesn’t have to be the end of a girls’ time with Girl Scouting, or the end of your time with girls. Some girls may no longer have time for a full-year commitment and will be unsure what’s next for them. Others won’t be able to imagine their lives without this same group of girls. Here’s how you can best reengage your troop:

  • Some girls may want other options besides troops. That’s okay—Girl Scouts offers many ways to participate. Talk to girls about day or twilight camp  and resident camp, travel opportunities, series offerings, and events your council may offer. Older girls, especially, enjoy these shorter-term, flexible ways to be Girl Scouts.
  • Some girls will be excited to bridge to the next grade level in Girl Scouting, and will look to you for guidance on how to hold a bridging ceremony. Even if you’re not sure of your continued participation with Girl Scouts (and we hope you will find lots of exciting ways to be involved, even if leading a troop no longer fits your life), be sure to capture their excitement and work with them to a plan a meaningful bridging ceremony.
  • If you plan to stay with this troop, but some girls are bridging to the next grade level, talk to your council about helping them decide how they’d like to continue in Girl Scouting—perhaps in series, events, or travel!
  • Talk to girls about earning their Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards, which are opportunities for them to make a dramatic difference in their communities—and to have plenty to brag about with college admissions officers, too.

And what about you? If you want to stay with this troop, start working with them to plan their group activities next year. And if you’re a little worn out but are interested in staying with Girl Scouts in other, flexible ways, be sure to let your council know how you’d like to be a part of girls’ lives in the future. Are you ready to volunteer at camp? Help organize a series or event? Take a trip? The possibilities are endless.