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How to Get Your Girl Scout Year Started

It's a new year, a new day, a new... EVERYTHING!

And we're here to help. GSUSA will debut the exciting new Girls Guide to Girl Scouting this fall, however, we know many troop leaders and volunteers need help planning right now. Looking for training?

Here are some other suggestions for you as you go about planning your new year:

Don't forget the books!

gs-top.org journeys

These books were crafted to make GS more relevant and interesting to girls and to give them a true road or "journey" to becoming leaders! Journeys are the leadership element and the badges are the skill-building that back up the leadership experience. Plus, doing the Journeys will lead girls to pick the badges that they want to do out of the Girl Guides. 

Tailor the use of Journeys to your needs - use your ideas and make the journey relevant to your troop, just like you did the badges and other resources in the past. The Journeys and the Girl's Guide resources are designed for the individual girl and it is important that each girl have these resources. The resources are personal workbooks, records of their achievements and a scrapbook of the wonderful memories they are creating through their Girl Scout experience. 
Start a dialog with your troop families about how important these books are to each girl's experience. Some troops have enough money to purchase the books for their members, some don't. Some troops may pay half and ask the families to pay the other half. Some troops may want to do a Money-Earning project such as washing cars or having a garage sale to earn money to purchase their books. Don't forget the fall product sale and cookie sale can help girls earn the necessary money as well. 
gs-top on facebookBe sure to share your great ideas with others by posting to the GS-TOP facebook page at www.facebook.com/girlscoutsTOP!

Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

gold award pin

Talk with your girls about Girl Scouting's highest awards and help them decide if they want to go for it! These guidelines are already in place and available. They also tie in seamlessly to the total core program!

Other Service Projects

service projects

Girl Scouts have always been ready, willing and able to commit time and energy to making the world a better place. When kids volunteer, they help others but they also help themselves. While going through the process of service-learning, girls also develop strong leadership and life skills.
Did you Know?
-Youth who volunteer just one hour a week are 50% more likely to stay away from drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, and are less likely to engage in destructive behaviors.
- Young people who volunteer are more likely to feel connected to their communities and tend to do better in school.
- Volunteering is a way to gain useful job experience and skills.

Hang Out - It's a Sisterhood, YO!

It's also fine to have some meetings where you are not working on badges, Journeys, etc, but just bonding as a group and enjoying each others' company.