Project Troop to Troop

Send Girl Scout Cookies and a taste of home to our service men and women. 

GS-TOP project Troop to TroopThrough Project Troop to Troop, customers sponsor packages of Girl Scout cookies that are sent by Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains to our men and women in uniform. In 2013, more than 48,000 packages of cookies were delivered to service men and women stateside and overseas!

Offer customers the opportunity to purchase cookies for Project Troop to Troop in addition to their personal order. Or, if a customer says, “I am on a diet.” or “I can’t eat cookies because of a medical condition.”, be sure to tell them about Project Troop to Troop!

There is no additional charge to sponsor cookies through Project Troop to Troop, and donations to Project Troop to Troop are 100% tax deductible.  For more details about Project Troop to Troop, talk to your Troop Cookie Chair!

Check out our downloads below for Project Troop to Troop materials for your cookie booths and sale! 

Handing out Girl Scout Cookies to soldiers arriving home at the airport?  Take photos and email pr@gs-top.org!  
You can always post photos on the GS-TOP facebook page too! 
"Thank you for helping to mold me into the woman I am today and thank you for your dedication to our troops. A Girl Scout cookie is always a tasty reminder of home and they follow us everywhere we go!"
Alison Wortman (pictured right), is one of our home-grown Girl Scouts and is one of our former Gold Award recipients!